Friday, June 19, 2009

Marvel Super-Special=Marvel At the Movies

Remember Marvel's big full color magazine, Marvel Super Special and all its movie adaptations? Well, due to another day of freight-train style thunderstorms trucking through Groovyland, Ol' Groove doesn't have much time for posting, so here's a quick refresher course on the best--and the worst--of 80s movies in comicbook form...

I'll tackle these in more detail in future posts, Groove-ophiles, but in the meantime, how about your thoughts on what you thought were the best and worst?


pete doree said...

We always kinda looked at these things the same way we looked at the Classics Comics ie. Not the real thing. Nowadays of course, I'd love to get'em all! Gray Morrow doing Sheena, Gene Colan doing Jaws 2, and Goodwin & Simonson's Close Encounters is up there with some of their best work. Great stuff.

M W Gallaher said...

Although it was timed to come out with a movie version ("Greystoke", I believe?), the Tarzan Super Special wasn't based on any movie, but was a faithful adaptation of part of the first book. But it was by the terrific team of Mark Evanier and Dan Spiegle (with, um...Sharman DiVono? Is that right?). I think it was originally prepared for the European market, not through Marvel editorial.
It's still my favorite of this bunch; so many of these comics just looked awful when you looked inside (and some looked pretty awful on the outside--I'm looking at you, Red Sonja!).
The Dark Crystal struck me has having some of Vince Colletta's best inking, in a period when we didn't tend to get to see his stronger efforts, for whatever reasons.

AdamPaison said...

I remember a friend of mine had the 'Temple of Doom' comic adaptation. Before I'd seen the movie, I skimmed a few pages and saw a panel featuring Willie Scott(Kate Capshaw)nude, except for a snake covering the naughty bits. When saw the movie, I was a bit disappointed this was cut.

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